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Why The Rise Of Occasion-Based Marketing Is Important To Your Business

In the past, brands tried to market themselves based on a limited number of factors. These days, marketing audiences are so diverse that companies need to find ways to reach them all and tailor their approach to each individual. This article discusses how occasion-based marketing can help you do just that – especially in Dubai!

What is Occasion-Based Marketing?

Occasion-Based Marketing is a marketing strategy that creates marketing campaigns for specific occasions such as new year's eve or Christmas. This type of marketing has been around since the 1800s. It was used to target the elite who were wealthy and looking for new products that would be appropriate for celebration like a champagne bottle or fancy chocolates. In recent years, this form of marketing has become popular again because it targets one-time events and events with short periods of time such holidays and special occasions like birthdays.

Its impact on consumer behaviour

The rise of event-based marketing has caused a big shift in consumer behaviour since you have a lot of nationalities living in Dubai – you can cater to each and every event that’s happening! Consumers are now more likely to purchase products when they can receive exclusive deals and discounts that are only available at certain events. In order to get the best out of this trend, companies need to make sure they have a comprehensive and effective event-based marketing strategy.

The importance of Reach & Frequency

This type of marketing can help companies reach people who are not regularly buying their products. Companies with a specific event or day of the year where they sell products such as Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday have seen a significant increase in sales – but in Dubai you have a lot more going on like Ramadan Sale, Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Summer Surprises, etc which makes it easier to market all year round. The importance of having a successful event-based marketing plan is the ability to generate enough revenue to sustain your business. Only by having these events can companies generate enough revenue to maintain based on demand from those consumers who participate in the events and those who browse the site during that time.


The rise of occasion-based marketing is important to your business because it can help you effectively target and connect with your customers. By offering products and services that are relevant only to specific occasions, you can enhance the customer experience. This will lead to better overall customer satisfaction which will help you generate more profit.


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