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Instagram Algorithm 2022: What It Means For Your Content Strategy

The Instagram algorithm is constantly evolving, so it's important to keep up with the changes and see how they affect your strategy. This article discusses what recent changes in the algorithm mean for content strategy, how to approach them, and what you should be doing now.

How to keep up with the changes to the algorithm

Instagram has been reworking their algorithm for the past couple of years. Currently, it's changing again. There have been some major changes to the newer version of the algorithm like how users' behaviors are taken into account in determining which content gets shown to new users, which content types get more engagement, and which accounts get promoted in the related content suggestions.

When and where to post on Instagram

There are no fixed “best times” to post that applies to all accounts. This differs between each account and is dependent on the account’s audience - when they are active and most likely to engage. This information can be seen on Instagram Insights and will enable you to optimize your content.

Instagram algorithm prefers when you post regularly. Whether you are looking for more reach, engagement or new followers – if you post fresh content daily Instagram will for sure appreciate that.

What types of posts do well on Instagram?

There are lots of different ways to increase your engagement on the platform. It seems like everything with a human touch is doing well on Instagram. Also, the more time you spend on interacting with comments and reactions, the better chance your content has for success. Sometimes it’s just as simple as adding a sticker to your story or asking questions in your captions. Another great way to promote your brand is engaging your audience with Instagram Reels and short videos.

Instagram has shifted its focus from static images to prioritize more video content. You will also notice that Reels get a lot of reach and viral potential. To get noticed on Instagram this 2022, focus on your video content strategy.


Instagram has an algorithm that decides which stories in your feed will be shown to you. This is a good time to alter your content strategy by adapting the way you use Instagram content types. Keep in mind – the algorithm is constantly changing, so these strategies may not work for ever.

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