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Content Alignment is key for 2022

The Future of Marketing Will Be Hybrid

You can't go through something like a yearlong (and counting) global pandemic and not expect some things to change. Then again, marketing and change aren't exactly strangers. Marketing professionals have always lived in a world where consumers' preferences are constantly evolving and they are forced to adapt. In the past year, marketers have done so in spades, rolling with the abrupt suspension of in-person events, a massive shift toward digital marketing, and -- for many -- reduced budgets.

As the economic recovery gains momentum, many marketers will likely find themselves with more dollars to spend. But how and where should they spend them? Will people be yearning for a return to the old normal or continue to embrace the habits they developed over the past year? What messaging will resonate and which channels will reach the post-pandemic consumer?

Any company that wants to own its industry will need to align its PR, thought leadership, and SEO. Consider this thought leadership Venn diagram, which shows the importance of overlapping visibility, credibility, and authority. If you can align these things, you can easily stand out in your industry.


Credible brands are trusted to deliver on what they say they will. Consumers believe in not just their products and services, but in their commitment to their mission and values.

These days, convincing people to trust a brand calls for digital PR. Brands that continuously appear in relevant conversations, with positive and insightful messaging, become the brands that consumers trust.


The keyword is “continuously.” Credibility is built mention by mention, insight by insight. Anyone can say the right thing once; credible brands do it time and time again.

Authoritative brands influence others. They don’t merely contribute to the conversation; they lead it.

Although digital PR plays a role in that, it’s not the secret ingredient. A cohesive content and thought leadership strategy is what your brand needs to become the authority in its space. Why is a solid strategy so important? Because authority is tough to build and easy to lose. Publishing something that makes your readers say “Huh?” casts doubt on the rest of your content ecosystem.

Our content strategies consider not just the placements we secure for you, but everything else your brand has published. Building authority requires that all of your content rows in the same direction.


Being visible isn’t just about being seen. Visible brands appear everywhere that they’re relevant.

Again, digital PR makes it possible for your brand to contribute to conversations happening online. But what about where audiences aren’t talking? What about where they’re searching?

If your brand wants to be visible, it needs to own its keywords. Our custom SEO services use all of the tools available — on-page, off-page, and technical tactics — to help your brand rank for relevant terms.

Take Charge With Relevance

We know that industry ownership is a lot to promise. At Luxe Agency, we don’t overpromise.

We’ve helped agencies like ours own highly competitive sectors like CMO outsourcing. We’ve gone toe to toe with Google over the online calendar space. Many of our campaigns go on for years.

We take on brands bigger than ours not with quick wins, but with sustainable strategies. We publish content consistently, tailor it for the communities that read it, and optimize it for search.

If your goal is to win a marathon like industry ownership, you need a strategy that goes the distance. Who’s in the lead at Mile 1 doesn’t matter. What counts is who’s still pounding the pavement at Mile 2022.


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