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Modern Email Marketing Campaigns

Newsletters keep you at the forefront of the prospective guests' minds while they are browsing hotels and making their choices. Newsletters can also keep you connected with former clients.

Email marketing is still ranked as the most effective marketing channel, beating out social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing. With email marketing you own the connections—you don’t have to worry about algorithm changes tanking your reach.


Luxury Real Estate Newsletters

Content marketers around the world rate email newsletters as their highest performing content type for securing and nurturing leads and so do we. 
Creating newsletters for real estate companies has been an amazing way to measure the difference in audiences. Some audiences prefer more information, some prefer less and want to pass on the business.

Our newsletters for luxury real estate companies include the newest properties, upcoming events, marketing reports etc. We designs newsletters that sell a lifestyle.

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Why Is Email Marketing Important?

Newsletters are a very popular method of digital marketing.
Some of the outstanding benefits of Email Marketing are as follows:

  1. Personalized Content

  2. Visual and informative updates

  3. Increasing brand recognition

  4. Early access to special deals

  5. Improving sales

  6. Increase website traffic

  7. Collecting feedback and surveys

  8. Producing cost-effective campaigns

  9. Providing more value to your audience

  10. Owning your media and contact lists

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For companies providing advisory or governmental services, the Luxe team develops a different type of newsletter, covering news and important facts that the users might be interested in.

Luxe Agency team has experience with various newsletter designs and automation tools. 

Among our Email Marketing clients are such luxurious brands as Hilton DoubleTree Hotels, QP Savills, Larimar Properties, and more.

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